Our learning support




The Department of Communication Science (DIKOM) has a number of adequate classrooms for each lecture. Each room is equipped with air conditioning system, a computer with internet connection, LCD projector, white board, sound system, etc. Both indoor and outdoor discussion rooms are also available for students as a supporting facility for learning activities.

The library consists of a central library (university) and a faculty library. These two libraries provide various kinds of references consisting of textbooks, undergraduate theses, graduate theses, dissertations, lecturer research reports, encyclopedias, almanacs, yearbooks and reports, historical sources, biographies of national and world figures, directories, statistical collections and scientific journals and various other periodicals. The library is equipped with reading rooms, discussion rooms, catalog access terminals and internet, wifi, and so on.

The Department of Communication Science conducts lectures both in the form of discussion of theory and implementation of practical knowledge. Both forms of learning are expected to build adequate knowledge and skills for students. Therefore, the Department of Communication Science has various types of laboratories to support student’s learning. The types of laboratories owned by the department are: audio-visual laboratory, multimedia laboratory, photography laboratory, and radio studios.