Study Program


Magister Program in Communication Science Admission

Application procedure of the Postgraduate Program of Communication Science is done through portal, several descriptions of the procedure are:

  1. Admission of students is carried out in accordance with applicable regulations at the University.
  2. Student admission technical implementation as referred to in point number 1 is carried out by the University under the coordination of the Directorate of Education and Teaching.
  3. The student admission for the Postgraduates program consist of the following schemes:
    1. Regular Scheme for applicants with personal tuition fee.
    2. Partnership Scheme for:
      1. Applicants who have been accepted for scholarship by the scholarship grant institution (proven by scholarship acceptance letter); or
      2. Applicants whose tuition fees are covered by UGM partners, evidenced by applicable Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Cooperation Agreement (list of UGM partners can be chosen during the online registration).
      3. Scholarship Scheme Applicants
        For applicants who are currently applying for scholarships from various institutions/agencies/scholarship providers.
  4. Admission of prospective students of the Postgraduate Program of Communication Science UGM is held twice a year. Registration is done online through