Department of Communication Science (DIKOM), Faculty of Social Science and Political Science (FISIPOL), Gadjah Mada University established since 1950. Ever since, DIKOM has undergone several name changes, from Department of Publicist to Major of Communication Science (JIK). Currently, DIKOM is the most equipped department in FISIPOL, managing the Undergraduate Program (Strata-1/S1), Postgraduate Program in Magister Degree (Strata-2/S2) since 2008, International Undergraduate Program (IUP) since 2019, and Postgraduate Program in Doctoral Degree (S3) since 2020.

For undergraduate phase, learning materials in DIKOM hold a wide scope in communication field includes studies of journalism, public relations, advertising, and entertainment media. Our bachelor students are equipped not only basic conceptual knowledge but also practical skills in communication fields. For postgraduate phase, learning materials in DIKOM focus on study and analysis related to communication studies, communication management, communication policy, as well as media and cultural studies. Currently, DIKOM has set great attention to the development and advancement in communication and digital media. This concern has stimulated DIKOM to elaborate the learning curriculum and research that related to the phenomenon.