Undergraduate in Communication Studies

The undergraduate study program in Communication Science was established in 1950. The establishment of this study program aims to develop students’ creative and critical skills for them to be able to begin their careers in the field of communication and media, and support the development of their community. The advancement of communication and information and technology has changed the ways in which humans communicate as well as the order of industrial media. The undergraduate study program in Communication Science responds to this phenomenon by evaluating and improving the curriculum in order to stay relevance. This study program has four specializations, namely: journalism, entertainment media, public relations, and advertising. Students can choose one of these four specializations as their major and another one as their minor.
The study program arranged these four specializations based on the most recent developments in communication and media studies, changes in the characteristics of the industry, and the competency of the study program in educational implementation. In supporting this, the Undergraduate Study Program in Communication Studies has prepared the latest syllabi and highly competent teaching staff

Student Activities

Undergraduate Communication Studies students can be actively involved in various organizations in the Communication Science Department, in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, as well as in the UGM Student Activity Unit.