UGM’s Undergraduate Communication Science Study Program (Prodi S1 Ilmu Komunikasi) has been established since 1950. The establishment of this study program aimed to build critical and creative skills for students so that later they can develop careers in the field of communication and media, and can contribute to the development of society in their environment. It is realized that the development of information and communication technology has changed the way humans communicate and the structure of the media industry. This development was responded by our Undergraduate Program by evaluating and revamping the teaching curriculum so that it has relevance.

Our Undergraduate Communication Science Study Program has four specializations, they are journalism, entertainment media, public relations, and advertising. These four specializations are the curriculum’s competency categories that can be chosen by students. Our study program determines the four specializations based on scientific developments in the communication and media sphere, changes in conditions and characteristics of the work environment, as well as the ability of the program in education delivery. To support this specialization, the Communication Science Study Program prepares the latest learning systems and modules as well as competent teaching staff.